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Friday, 1 November 2013

Be a good neighbor!

A childhood neighbor hooked up with me recently and yes...she's all grown so we had a lot of catching up to do. It reminded me of how nice my parents were with people while growing up.

I’ve lived in a variety of neighborhoods throughout my life, and I know from experience that each one has its own personality. Some tend to be more open to socializing, while others are made up of people who prefer to stay to themselves. The second group isn’t bad; it’s just not as warm and inviting

Regardless of the type of neighborhood you live in, there are still some basic rules you should follow to be a good neighbor. The ultimate goal is to live in peace and harmony, and even though that’s not always possible, you can at least do whatever it takes to prevent hostilities and hard feelings.

*Observe and respect your neighbor’s personal space
*Try not to borrow anything, but if you must, return the item immediately after using it. If you break the item, pay to fix it or replace it.
*Don’t be the neighborhood gossip. That’s just rude and will eventually come back to bite you
*If you have an issue with a neighbor, go directly to that person and discuss it in an adult manner. 
*Obey noise laws. If a neighbor calls or comes over and asks you to pipe down, be friendly and apologize. Then quiet down.
*If you are having a big party, you might as well invite the neighbors. This does several things. It shows that you are a friendly person, it allows you to get to know your neighbors better, and you are much less likely to have complaints. Are you a bad or good neighbor? Share your bad neighbor experiences.


  1. Ancient community value is the key to the survival of mankind, not the fittest

  2. I hate nosy neighbors

  3. The destructive value as captured by the evolutionist is that only the fittest species will survive

  4. Good neighbor met a lot to me when I was growing up, because it was fun. But in the community I am right now, good neighbor means absolutely nothing because every one is to him or her self. If you even see your neighbor by chance, all you say is hi, hi and it ends there. No body has the time it takes to know your neighbor.

  5. Best to mind ones business in these times.

  6. Best to live in your own house! Fences keep away nosy and noisy neighbors.

  7. I have never had issues with any neighbor. I don't even talk to anyone in my house except the hello greetings

  8. I know how to ignore bad people! I do it to my colleagues, neighbors etc.

  9. Bad neighbors are very frustrating. I use to have a neighbor who would beat his son in the midnight. It's was so disturbing as I was a bachelor.

  10. Good families are good neighbors and bad families disturb the neighbourhood

  11. Train your child in the way of The Lord and he shall not depart from it.