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Saturday, 26 October 2013

Love or Money?

There's a standard most people set when choosing partners today?  We worry about love and then worry about money. Many people think money is more important because without money love will be hard to find while others think love is the ultimate thing and even with money you may not find love. To think love was more important few decades ago. What happened? Are we more ambitious? Has our society evolved to cause the drastic change in our choices.  What are the new standards we want that never existed? Are the new generation more vulnerable to changes and trends? Oh am as curious as you. I agree the world is more complex and competitive. How has it played a role in the choices we make or the values we should have. So here is the big question, what is more important to you in a relationship?  Love or Money?


  1. Money's transient. Love all the way plzzz!!!

  2. This is a no brainier, money is more important than the so call love. Money can buy you love and happiness in today's materialistic world.

  3. Money Money Money. Shikena

  4. love without money: would not give you security and may result in future quarrels over the lack of money. Then again, money without love is meaningless.

  5. Think of it like this.

    you love this girl and she loves you back, but you want to take her out, you can't tell the restaurant owner you love him/her and eat for free.

    so some things need money. but love is more important

  6. I'd say love because it lasts forever and it'll be besides you always. Anyways if you chose can lose money so...why go with money? I mean, you don't NEED money to live. You kinda need love because if you don't have it're gonna go insane at some point. Love is the reason for everything we do