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Saturday, 9 November 2013

Answer these questions!

So let's have fun with our thoughts today. I will be asking series of questions.  Let's go
1) What would make you super proud if you accomplished this yr
2) What do you wish you did sooner 
3) What is one thing you are never too young or too old to enjoy?
4) What is the best compliments some can give you?
5) How many true friends do you have that you can count on?

My answer
1) Owning a Maserati coupe 2013
2) Meet two warriors
3) Fashion
4) Teni you rock
5) One

Your turn! .


  1. -A promotion/raise
    -Admit my mistakes.
    -Either, “You’re a great friend!” or “You made my day!”
    -right now no one just me !

    tart working out… I never should have procrastinated for this long.

  2. _My favorite football Team wins the championship (Super bow)
    _Self employed
    _Make others happy and Proud

  3. Make a billion dollars, sex, God, thank you, none