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Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Stress 'test' him to know if he loves you

So here I am today....... Wondering what topic is next! *sigh*.............. I have a thought in my head.... It's kinda unprocessed. Ok let me try to bring it together. How to 'Stress test' your man.... Errr I mean stress him to find out if he loves you, that sounds better.
I know some girls are just naturally laid back with guys. Same way some won't give you that hard to get routine during the chase. Here's how to Stress test your man to know if he loves you.

Pick up a fight and just be silly! - This helps you realize what type of guy you are dealing with; if he doesn't calm you down and act like a mature person. You will have loads of baseless fights in the future. If he can handle your silly moods. Keep him!
Get him angry - This is his temperament check. You don't wanna get married to a guy you hardly know. I know there are lots of ladies who are quiet in nature and wouldn't hurt a fly let alone get a man angry. Yes it's ok to know his temperament by getting him VERY angry. Get to know the worse he can do when angry. 
Let him go an extra mile for you - This will show his indulgence meter. Your man must indulge you. If he can't come out of his way for you. He doesn't really care. A man that truly loves you will care for you all the way. Get him to do something you know is inconvenient for him
Let him wait for you during a date - Know how his mood affects interaction or fun. I'm not talking about a 5mins delay. I'm saying you deliberately delay him and get him angry before a date or some planned out fun. See how he switches through his usual mood after you apologize for the delay. If he sulks all through the date..... Oh we'll..that's not good.
Be at your worse - See how much of a hero he can be. Yes let him come save you. Give him some challenges that test his strength. Find out how much of a man he is. 
Possess something he cherishes so much - Men love sport...You might wanna mess with him with sport but remember its a test, do it only once and at the early stage. Change the channel and force him to watch something else. Yes at the early stage they are well behaved..that's enough time to test.If he does not fight for it he loves you. Lol
I’m not saying you should run into the room and slap your man upside the head. I am saying you shouldn’t act like someone completely different than who you are naturally in order to get a man to fall in love with you. 

If he passes your Stress test... You got a good man! Pls reward him with a stress free relationship

When a man loves a woman, he doesn’t run as soon as the relationship is tested. He looks at it as an opportunity to strengthen the relationship. This is the man you should have in your life instead of settling for someone willing to remain simply because you never stress him out. After all, that might be the only reason he’s keeping you around.

Ladies have you ever tried the 'Stress test'? Guys what's you take?