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Tuesday, 3 December 2013

2013 Resolution Check! You check! I check!

It's that time of the year to look back from the first month of the year .... It's ok to ask yourself honest questions about what happened to your new yr resolution list.

Some people make a bucket list at the beginning of the year while others just make a list of resolutions. I'm gonna be a lil bit in your face and ask you how you fared through the year.

 I will start with me. I didn't do a lot of stuff. I made more mistakes. I procastinated again. I didn't give up on some habits and I didn't accomplish all I set out to do this yr but I also did a lot that am glad I did. Some events played out in my favor, I have learnt what not to do next yr.

That's bout all we need at the end of the year. Don't kill yourself and don't blame anyone. I am reviewing mine... Career, life, love and yes I will rate my progress.

Career 40% - I need to learn to finish my projects. I will fight procastination and just do it like Nike in 2014
Life - 70% - I'm learning to stress a little and not take life too seriously. I will live inside out more in 2014
Love - 90% - This is the ultimate manual of life and I will embrace it with all my being and also give out more of my love to the world in 2014

Your turn! What have you got left to accomplish before the year rolls out?


  1. 2014, I will like to Complete all the projects I started.

  2. Wanted to lose some weight this yr.... Didn't do so well

  3. My spirituality is richer

  4. Looked out for love all through the year. I hope to find in 2014