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Monday, 17 March 2014

Mood swings getting in your way?

Hey readers.... been a looooonnnnnng minute. Pls pardon me my darlings. Blame me NOT! Hehehe. Trust me to bring you some fun mind thrillers. How was your valentine. Hope y'all are truly loving and living. Wanna help y'all start your week right by giving you tips on how to manage your mood swings

No one is an island, no one is self-sufficient; everyone relies on others. So here's the trick. Mood swings is the changes in a person's mood. Most people experience mood changes from time to time but research says women are more likely than men to experience irritability and mood swings.

The good news is, mood swings isn't that bad if u work on controlling it and consciously bringing your joy fluids back to work.

Mood swings can be caused by anything,
  • from getting your lovely dress spilled
  •  to arguing with someone who disagrees with your views
  •  to missing a very important deal or appointment
  •  to getting overworked
  •  to having just a headache, depression ......the list is endless.
Here we go, getting rid of mood swings! Are you a regular moody person? You need to learn how to consciously keep a MOOD LOG. Take a deep breath and try RECOLLECT what got you into that moody state. Now put yourself in a mental state for it to reoccur and then CORRECT your mood from that mental state. Play it all out in your mind and FLUSH OUT whatever triggered it in the first. The more you are able to take the correction steps, the more you would choose positive choices anytime you get a mood swing. You can also completely blot out whatever put you in a moody state and invest all your energy and presence on something that brings you GOOD VIBES

E.g Your boss just made a nasty comment about you and you feel sad and discouraged. Just find a peace place in your mind and recall the good comments your boss has said to you in the past. Make peace with your boss in that mental state and move on to people that would give you the good vibes your senses need from there on.

Healthy people snap out of mood swings than others because their body is light and free. So learn to drink enough water daily, exercise your body and feed your soul. Stay healthy and avoid mood swings.

Your turn! How long does your mood swing last? What do you do to control your mood swing?


  1. Teniola oyoyo! Lol. How was your holiday break? Mood swings for me comes naturally when am sad. i try to snap out quickly too.

  2. I find it hard getting out of my bad moods but I will work on surrounding myself with good vibes. Nice one Teniola

  3. Pregnancy causes mood swings maybe cos of the heavy baby in your tommy. Just drink lots of water.

  4. My boss is a moody woman. I will recommend these helpful tips to her. Lol. You have not blogged in a while Teniola. I missed you