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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Should women take their husband's last names?

Quick one guys, a lot of female complain about having to lose their maiden names after marriage. Traditionally, a female must change to her husband's name after marriage but in modern times most female merge their maiden n married names. e.g Funke(birth name) Ojo(maiden name) Chukwu(Husband's name) - Funke Ojo Chukwu! Hahaha. I find married and maiden names bearer very stylish but hey is it a problem or should be overlooked

A married name is a family name or surname adopted by a person upon marriage. When a person (traditionally, the wife) assumes the family name of his or her spouse, that name replaces the person's birth name which in the case of the wife is usually referred to as the maiden name.

Some husband are flexible with how the wife chooses to blend the names while some just want them to forget about their maiden name completely.

How sad? Right? Errr why does the female have to change name her maiden name to her husband's family name. Modern wives tend to blend their names. Ah ha! Seems women are fighting to let parents know they are still a part of the family and not sold out to a new family or is it a case of not wanting to be lost in a world of new family name as an adult. Lol.

Whats your take. Blending names or Married names. Should women take their husband's last name? What works for you as the wife or husband?


  1. Firstly, ones name is ones identity. There are a lot of accomplishments that goes with ones name. I feel giving up ones name is way too much. Already has a married woman, you're a home maker, you bear children, you give up your body and everything else, including your work and time. That's a lot to sacrifice for marriage, not forgetting you've to leave your family to join another. Once i get married I'm going to keep my identity, no name change...well except I'm changing it to 'Gate'...LOL. ;-)Mz!

  2. women should take their husbands name and rock it well!!!

  3. my reason is simple "Family Identity"

  4. I dont mind as long as the name is Otedola or Dangote. Women now blend names as u have said earlier. its the way forward.

  5. to me no, just in case u guys break up, u will still have ur father name