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Thursday, 5 June 2014

Find out about The Boy you Date and the Man you marry!

Being in love has been said to be an exciting adventure. Talk about the thrills, the fun, the sacrifice, the laughter and a sense of companionship all rolled into one. Now the question on if marriage should be more fun than dating. Married couples have given different stories and since singles have no idea what to expect in marriage. We are gonna find out about the boy you date and the man you marry for the singles still dating and looking to settle down cos no one wants to miss out on a man for an immature boy

The boy you date wont commit himself hence he only wants to hang out and get fun or anything you can give

The man you marry asks you out on a date to shares his intention and to know if you can have a future ride together.

The boy you date talks with you on lighter levels because he cant bring himself to give u a wrong impression about the future

The man you marry will talk with you on deeper levels because he is interested in you and would like to know how you can both fit in perfectly for the future

The boy you date wont take responsibility for your moods or emotions. He's only there for a short while so he guards his own interests over yours

The man you marry will show you how he would be there for you even through your bad days and can handle your attitudes or life crisis

The boy you date will defend himself and attack you when angry to feel good about himself

The man you marry will fight you fairly and would never attack you no matter how angry he gets

The boy you date loves your looks and complains when you are looking less

The man you marry loves your soul and does not mind your bad hair days

The boy you date thinks you are his nanny and doesnt like to take his bills

The man you marry takes his bills and spoils you - because he's already a man

The boy you date isnt ready to meet your family and you are not sure you want him to meet them

The man you marry wants to meet your family and impress them

The boy you date is the perfect Mr Right in looks

The man you marry is never a sure thing. You worry if he's right and if you should settle down with him

The boy you date lets you talk but does not listen to you

The man you marry will listen to what you have to say from the major issues to tiny moments of your day

The boy you date never gives you security. You cant vouch for him or what he can be up to when you are not with him

The man you marry makes you secure and you trust him. You will always know he loves you and you two can make it through anything.

So do remember to settle for a man when its time! Share your thoughts with me and Happy new month darlings.


  1. Bn a long while madam. Nice piece. miss reading from u