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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

How to keep single friends after marriage

Happy new year darlings. This is my first post in 2015. Oh! i trust you would wanna ask how life has been treating me. Well oh well.... Fabulous!!! *echo*

Life stages and the changes it brings but here,s todays question. Whats your marital life got to do with keeping your friendships. i hear people say i have no time to hang out, i have no time to call, my husband and baby take all the time. Work is more hectic than it used to be and blah blah blah. I'm gonna be a lil bit in your face and say friendships too require same work you have with that priority list

I asked few singles how they feel about their married friends and i gathered all these for the married friends.

Dont ignore your single friends on a couples date night - Yes they wanna have fun like everyone else regardless of their marital status. Don't worry about how they would feel without a partner. Its their headache not yours.

Dont bore them with married talks - They wanna be an individual and see you as one. Wear their shoes and talk freely on other things. Dont bring your spouse is great in bed stories to them. They dont wanna know as it reminds them how lonely their sexual life is. Be an individual around your single friends till they ask you questions about marriage. Dont bore your friends.

Dont be a teacher because you are married - Dont give them the 'my formula to finding mr right'. If it worked for you it might not work for them. We all know that love and especially finding and marrying and then staying married isnt some sort of formula you learn in school so let them enjoy their singleton in peace. Suggest and introduce but don't teach.

Hehehe endless you will say... what are you guilty of as a married friend to your single friends or vice versa. Share with me.


  1. Happy new yr Teni. Nice piece. George

  2. Single friends complain about every thing