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Sunday, 3 May 2015

Forgiving without getting an apology!

Hello 'bloghearts'! 2015 coming good? Trust you are going hard at your goals and dreams
Trust you are living and loving, Trust you are breathing and letting God. Hehehe! I have been doing all of the above cos i know you would all wanna throw me that saying 'practice what you preach' Hehehe! ok!

Reminds me how important it is to forgive without an apology. Some of you might have gone through situations where you were really hurt and hey, there you are thinking, i will just never forgive nor forget. Ok dont forget but you have got to forgive. Now, that's easier said than done.

Imagine the many scenarios of people hurting us. What makes it complex is never the act itself, its in the reaction we get from the people who hurt us and for them its always ego standing in the way of immediately apologizing and we all know the longer the time clocks on it the more difficult it is for them to apologize and for us to accept and forget but we have got to find a way to move on. Its ok to not lie to yourself about the real issue, its sometimes also ok to let them know and its also ok for you to get bitter or angry about it depending on how bitter you feel.

When you choose to release bitterness and anger when hurt, you are doing more good to yourself than the person who hurt you.
Identify the hurt, allow yourself to go through whatever pain or anger you are feeling, let go of the anger, replace it with compassion (this is difficult but not impossible)
Forgive and this means giving up your desire to revenge and letting go of your expectations that they will make amends or apologize and finally breath easy and tell yourself you are stronger than whoever hurt you. Easy right? No! But these are the only ways we can forgive without an apology.
So get to work. If you can practice these steps once, you will get better everytime. Remember forgiveness is applicable to work, family and love relationships. So lets go and get forgiving.... right away!

Share your forgiving challenges with me


  1. Nice blog! i love your topics. Forgiveness is a hard task.

  2. Forgiveness depends on who and what has been done to you! there some acts or offences you cant just let go according to your write up. I agree we must forgive but i also think the time it requires to heal is also very key as long as you are able to forgive at the end then you have done the right thing. It takes some years to forgive while some acts can be forgiven in minutes but i strongly think as humans we must forgive no matter how much it hurts. Thank you for the write up. Now following your blog