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Thursday, 20 August 2015

Find your support system and de-stress yourself today!

Hey guys, longtime no posts! Hehehe. I have been wanting to come back on here but you know how life just keeps you too busy. Yes busy is good but we should also find a balance and share our innermost curiosity. I trust you are all fabulously living life in your own way.

I had bumped into a friend last week, i saw someone trying bash me on the side and deliberately, who does that, just to draw attention? Who? Hehehe, oh well, my long time friend did! i have the most weirdest and amazing friends i tell you. She had seen me and there was no way she could hit me up but to bash me and after she got my attention i remember asking her, you could have just facebooked me! Anyway, to cut the boring story short while having a drink she shared a touching story about her work travails and how having support system can be a life saver

Having a support system is like opening up your soul to someone you trust and who has your best interest. You might wanna ask me how to find a support system in this crazy times where we all try to keep up with mediocrity and back stabbers.

You wont need to travel too far to identify your support system because all you need to do is identify the few people in your life who are always available at your beck and call, the few people who encourage you, yes, its the few ones who love you as you are and have their hearts and doors open to you for your many troubles and extravagances. People who support you have no time to judge you, they are not waiting for you to fail, they are the cheerleaders whose claps and voices resound in your down-times.

Support can come in many forms, some find in their partners, others in their family while some look for social groups to find that special connection and yes others find support from a friend who stick closer than a brother

Whoever you are, and what ever you do, find a support system for your life, it allows you share your innermost burden that stresses you. It allows you breathe easy.
Dont just keep your worries and stress all bottled up inside you. Learn to share with the special people in your life becuase it would de-stress you. Yes sharing is powerful but sharing with the right person is magical.

When last did you have a heartfelt conversation with that one person? Who? share your support system experience with me. Yes or Nay?

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