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Friday, 11 March 2016

The Control Freaks In Our Lives

Is it ok to say Happy New Year in March.... Yes I guess (giggles). Missed you all so much my darlings. Got few mails from some of you asking me why there's nothing new to be read since last year. I'm sorry for my AWOL behaviour. Busy is the only excuse! Work... Home... Married life... Career has kept my beautiful fingers away from blogging. I trust you are all fabulously living life and thanking God for every blessings.

Today will be about the control freaks in the world, was on the phone with a friend who shared how controlling her boss has been and we ended the convo with how to deal with these control freaks

Control freak is someone who wants to dictate how everything should be done around them. These controlling humans could be a brother, sister, friend, boss, in-law, biz partner etc.  and they literally think the world ends at their feet. The best way out is to learn how to deal with such people who just wanna stress you out. Its all about staying calm and trying as much as possible to avoid situations if you can. These people suffer from attention syndrome and that's a big mental issue. Here are ways to handle them

Respect is a big issue for these people and don't you worry about you because its not you nor the issues they create, its simply a distrust in the ability of others to do what they expect of them. They have great expectations and have a picture in their mind of what and how things should be. Anything short of that will bring out that controlling habit. They tend to see themselves perfectly hence judging people imperfectly. They do not trust anyone can do a better job than they can and would stop at nothing to bring down who ever is a threat to their strength and interests.
They criticize everything and have a sense of superiority and power to do everything and hates when things slide outside their consent or instructions.

Seek professional help for them. This could be done indirectly especially if the person is an adult who is older than you by talking to someone who can help them see their controlling tendencies. Controlling people tends to blame other people for their own inadequacies so if the person is a boss or an older adult, you might wanna find a great way to go about professional help

You can easily identify controlling people around you if they make you feel childlike whenever they are around. They tend to ignore your skills and rights because they are out to impress their own abilities over yours.

Be aware that nice people can be bossy. Some controlling people are nice and tends to use it to their advantage because they love to be in charge. They present themselves as the voice of reason  and lets you know you are completely unreasonable. Some of these controlling people are very insecure and unhappy as a result of things not falling at their feet every time. They fight it thoroughly with all their strength

Lastly, no matter how these controlling person make you feel, remind yourself they are just one of the people in the world who know you and so you must realize your value is not derived from this person or their action and reactions. You need to avoid their behaviour as much as you can. They are toxic to your total well being and you should embrace where the love and freedom is especially if you have to deal with.

Remember to look on the bright side which may require creativity but you'll find that a bossy person who understands you have got their measure and that you wont stop being the optimistic person that you are will eventually cease to see you as a threat in their anxiety or controlling mind.

Share with me the controlling freaks you have in your life? How do you manage them?

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  1. I just ignore my boss and make sure I surpass her expectations of me but that always lands me in trouble with her. Control freaks can never be satisfied.