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Monday, 8 August 2016


DO IT AFRAID! I stumbled on this quote on instagram last week from a nigerian publisher Betty Irabor and this kept me wondering. Every one needs to know, its ok to feel fear or scared at some point

At every stage in our lives, we worry about something. We ponder on it endlessly and find the answers within us but other times we can't bring ourselves to the reality of the 'what ifs' which always bring us to the conclusion or solution of aborting the process of doing/thinking it through and finding a solution. We worry about the mountain, the rocks, the lows, the shame, the unknown. Why do we do it?  

Do it afraid is definitely talking to you. Do it anyway! Yes go ahead with the plan. Face the fear. Ignore the fear and the feeling it brings, its not real. You can only conquer it by facing it headlong. I remember just how scared i get sometimes when am trying out a new concept or idea, i have had my many failings at things but i would say i consistently fail forward always. I would say the failing experiences has always brought a greater glory or success in the long run. There's always a lesson in failure. Deal with fear that way. Look it right in the face.

Its an endless list if we go through the many things we are always afraid to do. On a lighter note, I learnt how to swim as an adult. Did i almost drown while learning? Yes! Did i quit the process because of some water going through my nose? Hell No! Do i swim like a pro now? Yes. Many successes you see today were nothing but a CONSISTENT TRIAL WITHOUT FEAR and don't beat yourself too hard. Everyone is scared of something so you are not alone, the difference are the ones who DO IT AFRIAD

DO IT AFRAID by all means. Thank God for Christ who liberates us. There is nothing and no one to fear but GOD. Take the leap and conquer the voices that brings you down. Remember to relate it to your career, life, and love and deal with every fear accordingly.

Have a fabulous August darlings. Thanks for reading and following my blog. i will keep struggling to stay consistent on blogging. Thanks for emails but also remember to leave a comment.

Pls share your fears with me


  1. I agree that fear is not illegal. Indeed there's a type reverential fear we normally have to express, e.g the (revential) fear of God. But what is important is how we confront our fears and i believe the antedote to fear is faith. Faith in God.

  2. Thank you. Truly inspired

  3. I will do it afaraid from now on. Welcome back Teniola

  4. Doing it afraid for me is a conscious effort and you learn failure isn't failure until you quit. Thank you Teni