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Friday, 19 May 2017

Why the strong desire for validation?

Really dont know where to begin this post but i know i have been reading about failed marriages and domestic violence and i remember having a very lengthy conversation with few colleagues and we concluded social media is playing a big role and its always the strong desire for validation

My own take was, why the need to record yourself and send to millions of people you dont know and sit down to read the validation. I always do not get that part.

Moving forward, why the desire for validation and this doesn't just happen to artist, even regular people, poor , rich, weak, strong. As much as i want to agree as humans we all need some form of validation because we are all roller coasting through different type of needs, physical, emotional even spiritual and whether we like it or not, to get validation is one of the strongest force driving mankind

I agree positive feedback about ourself, work or even events could strengthen us on the inside than negative feedbacks which might threaten our inner peace and sense of security but as for me this is where self esteem comes to play. I have always questioned people's opinion of me and ask myself they are also not perfect people so why should i accept their assumptions as right and mine wrong or why should i think they not bias. I have made up my mind long time ago to only care about what God says about me

First be your own hero before you look for heroes anywhere because when you refuse to know who you are then people will tell you who you are and even tell you your worth.

This isnt to completely rid you of getting validated but you must first make up your mind before you seek approval. Its not bad in itself to seek validation but definately never seek for people's opinion from a vulnerable state because we humans constantly need support for our many needs.

Oh, the havoc that social media does to self esteem by boosting social acceptance and giving in to society pressure is alarming these days, social media is no doubt a channel of communication and important in our daily lives but its also disturbing to realise that some people really accept the ratings of their precious lives by mere likes.

Social media is not real life thank God you know there are filters that allow users edit and brighthen their reality on social media. In a nutshell i would say any behaviour you have that is contrary to your identity,  purpose or core beliefs is because you seek approval from someone else as i like to say race isnt just black and white because we have many other skin colors.

It is nice to get the approval from others but first make sure you have self approval and respect for yourself. Remember as humans we have a natural tendency to be influenced by our own unique experiences,perceptions, motivations etc. You live in your own skin, think freely, your own thoughts and make your decisions but this isnt to say you should ignore everyone and listen to no one but you should be careful who and what you seek validation from.

Share with me your take on why humans have a strong desire for validation

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