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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Your Partner's checklist!

We  all worry what to look out for in a partner.... It's easy! If you find a happy old married couple around you, just ask them what qualities they looked out for when choosing each other. Anyway, I have done the questioning for you guys..... Let's go!

YOU NEED.......

*someone who compliments you AND your path - Your vision, your dreams, your personality, your craziness!
*someone who makes you a priority - You just will know especially in these busy times
*someone who makes you comfortable in your own skin - run if  they make you feel insecure
*someone who is grateful - it's all in how you are treated
*someone who is your private MR BEAN - if they make you laugh. You are good to go.
*someone who listens to you and remembers - at least 70% of what you said
*someone you can talk to about anything - like a BFF.

In the end, it’s about not settling for anything less than what you need. We all WANT the passion but sometimes we forget that we NEED so much more. If you’re lucky enough to find someone who gives you all of the above, don’t take them for granted. 

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  1. After determining all the qualities you want in a partner, I guess the first step to getting that type of person should be to work to personally get transformed and become the quality of person you want in a partner.

  2. You especially need someone you can trust

  3. Love it! So true

  4. Must be good in bed too.

  5. We WANT the passion but sometimes we forget that we NEED so much more\" Sadly not so straight forward. Turns out whichever one of those we have, still leaves us craving for the other one

  6. Sense of humor works for me

  7. A good partner gives a good future and a bad partner will give you a bad life

  8. Keep it up Teniola. Love your blog.

  9. Sexual connection is also key

  10. Genetic compatibility - blood group and genotype