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Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Contd. Let's get physical ladies!

I would only be able to speak for myself on this topic but one thing I know is, women are more mental in their choices and different from men who gets physical at first glance but that's not to say women aren't physical. So here's MY list!

1) Maturity
2) Tall
3) Fun to be around
4) Respectful
5) Cool hairstyle
6) Interesting fashion sense
7) Intense Eyes
8) Strong Jawline
9) Humble
10) Not too thin, not too buff, not too fat (somewhere in between)
12)Nice Breath *kissable*
13)Intellectually sound

.......and that's it!


  1. 5)Cool skin?
    7) Intense Eyes......with glasses?
    8) Strong Jawline....what in the world is this?
    9) Humble..............humbleness or 'humbility'?
    10) Not too thin, not too buff, not too fat (somewhere in between), what exactly do you want?

  2. Ladies get physical;
    I am going to pass on this since am not a lady!

  3. @Baba, strong jawline as pronounced. U might wanna pronounce it separately as 'strong' 'jaw' 'line'

  4. A guys dentition and his body language

  5. Clean feet and fingers always sexy gives me a clue of the state of his underpants

  6. I love well shaved men. I hate too much hair

  7. For me I get carried away if he has a rich smell and style

  8. Body Language can be very helpful when attracting women if you know how to use it properly. And about confidence, most guys don’t understand what confidence really is and they are just being arrogant and overcompensating