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Monday, 4 November 2013

Let's get physical guys!

I have always wondered about the things men notice first in women. Well, one thing am sure of is, men aren't that hard to understand because they are pretty straight forward and you could easily find out what they notice first in women by simply watching them very carefully every time they meet a new lady.

In the first five minutes of meeting someone, its generally physical beauty that attracts men but not all men are attracted to supermodels and every man has his own individual taste in women. Here is a list.

*Eyes - One of the most common things men notice first in women is, of course, our eyes. it is said that the eyes are the windows to your soul or maybe not all the time 
*Smile - who doesn't like to look at a person with a nice smile?
*Hair - all those long hours at the salon aren't all in vain after all
*Chest - a man does notice a woman's chest but only after her eyes and smile. Breasts are considered to be a sign of fertility and youth. So this is more like men's biological wiring, they just can’t help it.
*Dress Sense - Surprised? You should know most men do notice a woman's dress sense. *Skin - fair or dark... men notice more than all those sexual traits and they do pay attention to the way your skin looks... err you might want to relax on the bleaching and just enrich your natural skin tone. 
*Being Feminine- Feminine is all about being soft, kind hearted, understand and caring. This attraction is justified by the fact that men are attracted to traits which they themselves lack

Hey Ladies! There's a guy out there for everyone and remember one man's meat is another's poison.
So guys what attracted you to your woman?   Then what attracts the lady coming NEXT

There's definitely a lot more that attract men. Let's get guys to tell us more....


  1. Legs! There are so many beautiful demons out there, so initial character presentation is important.

  2. Facial beauty is the number one thing that attractions me in any woman b4 other physical body analysis.

  3. Chest! Big chest!

  4. 'Twas her voice