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Monday, 18 November 2013

Married or single lifestyle?

Hi my darling readers! It's good to be back. Bloggers have a life actually especially when one is blogging out of passion*winks*. I know I must bring back some goodies for y'all to enjoy. 

Married or single life which is better?  

Mike says, married life is peaceful Teni. You have someone to worry for you. It gets boring sometimes if you don't know how to spice the relationship up. She gives me all the love that's melts my sorrow and stress. The cons are easy for me because I have identified them over the years. Vacations, family events, praying and planning is more meaningful when you are married

Femi says, Teni I love my single life. I choose what to do with my money, my vacations and my life. I can eat cereal for dinner if I like. I can go to bed when i like. I don't have to answer to anyone and i don't have to report where i am or when I'll be back.

Nike says, its lonely for the woman Teni. There's no one who knows what you do with your day, what your thoughts are, what your worries are. There's also no one to take care of you when you're sick, or to help you financially when you're out of work. There's no one to share decisions with. Also, if you date, at some point dating becomes like a job interview and it's just miserable, and there are fewer desirable people to date as you get older

Michelle says, I have to take vacations when my husband can take them, and we have to confer together on where we will go. I also have to let him know where I'll be and when to expect me back. It's a little weird, too, to know that someone else can see when I'm being lazy. In my case, he has dogs and I have to help him care for the dogs too along side our kids when he goes out of town, although that's not too bad. Teni I love my married life regardless of the lil stress I face here and there.

So I got few peeps to share their views.  Married life or single life! Your turn! ......and REMEMBER to take the poll below. Just click on single or married lifestyle


  1. The right thing is to get married as soon as you are matured enough for it.....even God said it is not good to be alone

  2. I am happily married for almost 13years now, my husband adds a great deal to my life. I was happy when I was single too, but am happier now. I guess I am just a happy person.

  3. I've been married only 2 years. I don't remember "single" that well. :-)

  4. I've heard marriage is the gate to misery. Quite frequently actually. So I'll keep myself and me company for the next 65 years. lol

  5. A happy lifestyle is the best.

  6. Being single isn't as bad as the society makes it seem. I have seen rocky marriages too. It's a choice

  7. If you find the right partner, marriage should be more fun