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Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Adult peer pressure!

Today's topic is one that cracks me up. Why give in when you can STAND OUT! I personally call it social vulnerability. it's called 'peer pressure' when you're younger and 'keeping up with the Joneses' when you are older.

Peer pressure doesn't just end during our teenage yrs because adult life isn’t much different. It's not even your peers doing it to you anymore, it could be your family, colleagues, church or even the media ......oh well, let's just say society. Society! That's everyone doing it to you.

Realize that we all have different dreams and different ideas of what fulfill us. Unfortunately, sometimes we confuse what we want with what we think we want because it has been socially driven through the media, peers and other pressures. It's important to remind yourself of this regularly and ask yourself why you want something that someone else has before assuming it's a good thing for you to want too.

The most important thing is that you are true to yourself, and not to do what others think you should. Some people just follow the crowd out of fear of being different. Others do what they feel like regardless of what others do or say. It is important to always be true to yourself and your beliefs. Not all people will agree with everything you do, but as long as your choices agree with your views and personal situation. Do what is best for you.

Reflect on your personal goals and achievements. Sometimes when you become overly focused on what someone else is doing, you forget about how far you’ve come in your own right or you take for granted the achievements you’ve made.

Do what you want, not what THEY want. It's your life. 
Find your IDENTITY and live it

What are the pressures you are dealing with in your life right now? Are you handling it or giving in?


  1. I try to handle it by choosing friends who will not influence me in a way that I do not want. Or being willing to be to stand up and say how I really feel. That's hard though sometimes, but oh so worth it.

  2. Teniola I love the part you said 'Do what you want, not what they want. It's your life.

  3. I personally believe in peer pressure....i think its a law of nature. Pressure flows from a position of strength onto a weaker one.....develop a value-based lifestyle strengthened in character and you will pressure your peers and not the other way.